Becoming a creator

OK, this sounds trite. But…

The difference between you and the creators you follow is simply they are creating while you are consuming.

Source: 13 tips for making the switch from a consumer to a creator | Nathan Barry

You can’t create more than you consume. Consumption is quicker and easier by definition – it takes far longer to write a novel than for even the slowest reader to consume it. The key question is how much time you’ve investing in each.

Nathan’s tips are well worth reading. I think my favourite is this:

Decide what you are going to do before you sit down at the computer — Too often I sit down at my computer and think, what should I work on? That’s dangerous. It usually starts with checking social media, reading slack, and catching up on email. The trick is to decide what you are going to do before you approach the computer.

In other words – and this is something I come back a lot at the moment – be intentional about what you’re doing. If you’re just sitting there with a device playing around with it, you’re not doing anything that’s actually of value. Know what you’re going to do before you do it. Be intentional.

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