A collection of miscellany – 2nd August 2022

You know how websites want you to use their app instead? There’s a good reason for that: apps can often collect more data about you, and are more difficult to block. Banish is a Safari extension which stops this happening. Neat.

Outlook: an app so bad that Uber receipts can crash it. Microsoft is apparently working on a fix.

Not content with having a webcam that looks like ass, it sounds (sic) like the audio on the £1600 Apple Studio Display has issues too. Glad I didn’t buy one.

Google has a habit of introducing stuff and then quietly forgetting about it — and its hardware is no exception. My personal favourite was Soli, which I thought was genuinely useful but was dead in a year.

Paul Carr — who knew the man well — has an interesting review of a new book on Tony Hsieh, the troubled founder of Zappos. Incidentally, The Upgrade is one of my favourite books and I’m long overdue for a reread.

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