Miscellany, August 3rd 2022

Apple is delaying the launch of iPadOS 16 until October, a month after the launch of iOS 16. If you have used the beta this might not surprise you: Stage Manager, particularly when used with an external display, is an absolute buggy mess. Ex-Microsoft Windows head Steven Sinofsky thinks this isn’t down to a single feature, because you don’t delay a whole release for just one thing, but I disagree: get Stage Manager right, and it’s a huge step forward in using an iPad as your only device. Get it wrong, and it would be a big step backwards.

I genuinely thought that Microsoft Teams was already optimised for Apple Silicon, so it’s a bit of a surprise that it is only just releasing a native binary. It’s also a testament to how well Rosetta 2 performs.

Alex Jones had a very bad day.

Academic publisher Pearson has a plan to somehow use NFTs to remove students’ right to resell their books without giving them more money. This sounds like absolute hogwash to me, but I’m sure the markets like it.

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