Miscellany, 6th August

Web3 provides both anonymity and accountability, they said. It has its own built-in protections against bad actors, they said. Oops.

It’s usually worth watching Windows Weekly, but this week included a long section on how Microsoft just can’t get Windows releases right — the cadence, how it communicates, everything. It’s well worth a look.

Speaking of classic Microsoft idiocy, its (very nice) little video editor Clipchamp used to have three paid tiers plus a limited free version. That was too complex; rightly, it has hacked that back to a single subscription price.

Unfortunately, that price is $11.99 a month, and you will need to link your account to a Microsoft account. It’s a nice product. But it’s not a $143.88 per year product.

Meanwhile, iMovie continues to be completely free on Mac, iPadOS and iOS. Clips is completely free on iOS and iPadOS. Clips even uses Lidar to let you put 3D objects in your videos.

That $148 a year probably adds up to the difference in price between a Mac and a PC over three years, too.

Microsoft really is clueless sometimes.

But don’t leap too quickly into AppleWorld. Here’s Apple again putting ordinary people’s rights in fifth place behind its need to placate the PRC, its need to make 40%+ margins on everything, freedom of speech and human rights in general. Privacy is guaranteed — as long as you’re not Chinese. Remember when they hid the Taiwan flag from customers in Hong Kong?

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