Musk! Twitter! And why Google is a bit cheeky with its RCS claims

There’s some new Google stuff out, but I am just not excited about it. The Pixel Tablet looks interesting, especially because of the dock, which sort of converts it into a Google Nest Hub Max, but the watch and phone are just meh.

Of course, Google had a moan about Apple not adopting RCS. A reminder: the RCS standard does not include any end-to-end encryption. The end-to-end encryption Google has built on top of RCS is proprietary to them and only works with their Messages app. If you use it all your messages go through Google’s servers, and of course, as it’s a Google app you have to have Play Services installed which are constantly feeding data back to Google.

Here’s another great example of why it’s best to own your own platforms, or, if you can’t do that, choose specialist providers rather than that “free” thing Google, Facebook or Twitter just launched (you probably should look at Buttondown)

Elon Musk appears to have worked out that he’s better off buying Twitter than ending up paying them $20bn or so to walk away from it. However, he wants Twitter to stop its lawsuit, and if his finance partners bail out, he seems to want to walk away. I cannot imagine why Twitter would agree with that. Related: you can always find me at Mastodon.

Not sure how Apple can avoid this – who can make its chips other than TSMC?

It’s the 30th anniversary of the first ThinkPad, the great-great-great etc grandchild of which I’m typing this on now. The keyboard is still good.

Ever wonder what the specs are for McDonalds characters? No, I hadn’t either.

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