Weeknote, 23 October 2022

This has been a pretty busy week at work because I HAVE A WEEK OFF THIS WEEK. I’ve promised myself that I’ll spend a major chunk of it writing, as it’s my writing group next week and I really do want to have something completed to share, even if it’s only a bit of flash fiction. Obviously I’ve started something much more ambitious than that (see below).

Something happened in politics this week. Not sure you saw it. The only thing I can add is GENERAL ELECTION NOW.

And that’s about all that’s gone on this week, other than some vague discussions on what to do at Christmas (other than read ghost stories).


I’ve put other stuff to one side this week and started working on a ghost story for halloween. Except that I’ve called it A Christmas Ghost Story, as that’s a MUCH more likely deadline. Sorry.

Reading and watching

I’ve finally dived into Becky Chambers’ A Prayer for the Crown-Shy, after it’s been sitting on the top of the pile of books to read for quite a while. I adored A Psalm for the Wild-Built, the previous story in the Monk and Robot series, for its gentleness and calmness. I’m already a quarter of the way through (these are short books) and it is of course lovely.

If you haven’t watched it already I would recommend The Art of Japanese Life, which is available at the moment on iPlayer. James Fox’s documentaries on art are always excellent. Also well worth a watch is We Are England: Trouble at Sea, which is a documentary on the struggle of a northern fishing community to get to the bottom of why thousands of crabs and lobster are washing up dead on their beach. Really well made stuff.

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