Picture of Ian Betteridge

There’s a few ways that you might have heard of me.

I used to edit a Mac magazine, back when there was such things. I started on MacUser in the UK in 1995, and edited it from about 2001 to 2001. After that I did quite a bit of freelance technology journalism.

I launched a website called Alphr.com for Dennis Publishing a few years ago. We made a bit of a splash for a while, and it was lots of fun.

I’m the director of content and audience development for Bauer Media in the UK. This means I run the content side of a lot of websites, from Grazia and Heat to Parkers and Motorcycle News.

I wrote an off-the-cuff short comedy blog post which became an Internet Law. Yes, I am that Ian Betteridge and one day I will write up what it’s like to be best-known for something that was intended as a throwaway remark.

So why is this blog called Technovia? Absolutely no idea where the word came from originally, but I suspect I was looking for some kind of portmanteau of “technology” and “via”… “Techology via Ian Betteridge”, or something like that. I’ve called my main blog Technovia since I first started blogging using Dave Winer’s Radio Userland software in about 2001 or 2002.

You can also find me over at Micro.blog